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2.3 chat....


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ive been using this cart for years, like most of us. recently i am back in the swing and going to start opening a new .com store and i notice that the new 2.3 version has some good added options to it, but the mods that i added to it before that i loved and relied on arent working properly with the 2.3...like the easy populate mod didnt work right which is 1 i would be heavily using.


are most of you guys using 2.3 or still in the 2.2 world? should i use 2.2 instead of 2.3? i know in 2.2 everything just seemed easier. i dont want to be behind with the software though, but it just feels like 2.2 ran smoother with the modifications than 2.3 is....


thanksf or the input.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt see this thank you!


i will try it today and see if it works. i was having such a headache on the other version. it wouldnt import properly. you can see it in my previous post on the other support thread. so i just gave up.


is there a 2.3 contribution area or is it all mixed in?

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ya im finding that earlier version of the store is so much easier to use as admin and enhance. there is just too many modifications in the previous version to loose using 2.3 version.


is the earlier versions of the store still available to download? and are they safe to use or will they just be hacked or taken down? what is the security issues with previous versions, if there is a list?

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