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osc 2.3.1, Extra field for product listing


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I've searched the forums and contributions for adding an extra field to the product listing.


Tried a few but could not get them to work.


I just need to add one or two extra fields that:

1. show up on product list page (in front of the Buy Now button)

2. no need to be searchable

3. show up in admin and can be edited.

4. it would be better if works with Easy Populate


Is there a contribution to do it or manually (I am not a programmer but can do simple things like merge files, etc.:()


Thanks for any help or directions!


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Hi vinod,


Thank you for the link.


I've looked at that one but it says for osc 2.2. As I am not a programmer, cannot do complicated code editing, do you know if the contribution is compatible with 2.3.1?


I appreciate if you can let me know!



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Hi Vinod:


I got it installed and the instruction is not that straight forward because some of the codes asked to replace could not be fount.


I took a riskier route by using Winmerge to merge the files.


Now I am not clear on how to use it. eg. my shop site is http://lifeome.com/index.php/cytokines-c-23


to the right of Product Name, I want the newly added column Size to show up.


Do I add the column in the Product table or the Product Description table in the database?


Or, maybe I understood the whole thing in a wrong way, that these field values can only be used in the detailed product description surrounded with those special characters (more like an php variable can be called)?


Thank you for your help and patience!


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