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[Contribution] osc2ebay - oscommerce to ebay synchronization


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glad i could help.

i wonder if the ebay categories "not ebay store " works for you. i think iam having a little problem with it, as far as parents id being correct.



Well I have just been adding some sub-categories (just a 2nd level down) on my ebay store. I have then gone to my OSC store --> ebay Get Categories and clicked on the "Update Categories" button but only the Parent/Top categories import, the sub-categories do not show (they are not in the OSC database) so I think we are both at the same stage!



I have not had any time to look in to this any further so far - just have to hope we'll be able to get it sorted.





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I just tried to play with this contribution,but at the beginning stage,I always got the following error message:


Fatal error: SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from '/catalog/admin/eBaySvc.wsdl' : Extra content at the end of the document in /catalog/ebay_common.php on line 244 Call Stack: 0.0019 433200 1. {main}() /catalog/admin/ebay_syncitems.php:0 0.0966 2362336 2. eBaySOAP->__construct() /catalog/admin/ebay_syncitems.php:125 0.0969 2366076 3. SoapClient->SoapClient() /catalog/ebay_common.php:244.


Any hint on how to solve this issue.


Thanks in advance!



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Ok,a little bit progress now.The error message disappeared,but when ebay get categories link wsa clicked ,there are no categories retrieved from ebay,and checked ebay_categories table in the database and didn't see any contents inside,it is empty.

When I clicked update categories butoon,I got the following error:

get categories error

get store categories error


Any advice on how to solve this problem?





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you should uncomment the two lines in the file to see where and what the error is.

// print "Request:<br>".ebay_formatxmlstring($client->__getLastRequest())."<br><br>";

//print "Response:<br>".ebay_formatxmlstring($client->__getLastResponse())."<br><br>";

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Thanks for your instruction.

I almost gave up,but this morning I tried it again,to my surprise when I clicked the update category,then I got the following message:

17673 categories inserted successfully!

get store categories error


So that means the first step is successful.so now how can I get store categories?


Thanks and have a nice day!



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  • 4 weeks later...

Has anybody managed to use this with 2.3.1 yet,


I have tried using magnalister but it didnt work with Qtpro nor multiple images, has anyone manged to use it with Qtpro as i really need it


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i have used it with 2..3.1. with the basic necessary modification . I have also developed a complete ebay management tools for the admin section based on this addon, which i am testing now. it can do almost everything. add feedback, answer emails, adding eBay orders to the shop and a lot more. almost everything that you can do from ebay.

i will release it soon for testing

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No this would open a new can of worms. as you have to use the variations in eBay. i have no experience with how these variations works in eBay and even how Qtpro works . since Qtpro is not part of the Osc then it might create conflicts which i assume it would.

i would think that each attributes should become a variation. then when a variation is sold it has to be deducted from inventory.

but to implement that logic means some major changes in the ebay2osc files.

can u explain how you list these item in ebay yourself?

or if you can give me a link to one of your items on ebay

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osc only allows you to make attributes but it doesnt stop sales of attirbutes if they become out of stock, ie i have 1 medium, 2 large 1 xl in stock and list them on my website as attributes med, large, xl ..... qtpro allows me to keep the ratio 1 med, 2 large, 1 xl and not sell any if attribute is out of stock where as osc allows you sell 2 xl's.


Ebay i use variations options like qtpro... med, large, xl and i also put in 1 med, 2 large, 1 xl


At the moment im removing stock by hand if one sells on ebay i remove it from the web, if one sells on the web i hand remove it from ebay,


i need something that allows me to sync the stock


lol sorry if that doesnt make sence


i'll send you a link by pm of my ebay listing


Thanks @@tedbooks

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I get the following error when I click on get categories:


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in ......./ebay_getcategories.php on line 67


It sounds like a simple syntax error, but the file looks ok.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


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Post the code from the file, lines 57 to 77 (sometimes what you consider a "line" and what the PHP parser considers it are different).


Obviously something is amiss somewhere or you wouldn't be getting an error.


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If I suggest you edit any file(s) make a backup first - I'm not perfect and neither are you.


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$token = $ebay_authToken;
$siteid = $ebay_siteId;
$sitecode = $ebay_siteCode;
$sitename = $ebay_siteName;
//create session
$session = new eBaySession($dev, $app, $cert);
$session->token = $token;
$session->site = $siteid;
$session->location = $location;
//make call
try {																						 <----- this is line 67
 $client = new eBaySOAP($session);
 $params = array(
'Version' => $Version,
'CategorySiteID' => $siteid,
'DetailLevel' => "ReturnAll",
'LevelLimit' => $LevelLimit,
'ViewAllNodes' => "true"

Edited by saykoserdar
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everybody,


Eveything is ok for me except i did not see any request and response ! and i get categories error and get categories error

I think my problem is about the file ebay_config.php, it seems to me i am not synchronize with my Ebay store

May someone help me with ebay_config.php ?





$ebay_production_authToken = "PROD_TOKEN_OF_ABOUT_1000_CHARS";

$ebay_production_devId = "DDD";

$ebay_production_appId = "AAA";

$ebay_production_cert = "CCC";

$ebay_production_gatewaySOAP = "https://api.ebay.com/wsapi";


$ebay_sandbox_authToken = "PROD_TOKEN_OF_ABOUT_1000_CHARS";

$ebay_sandbox_devId = "DDD";

$ebay_sandbox_appId = "AAA";

$ebay_sandbox_cert = "CCC";

$ebay_sandbox_gatewaySOAP = "https://api.sandbox.ebay.com/wsapi";


$ebay_authToken = $ebay_sandbox_authToken;

$ebay_devId = $ebay_sandbox_devId;

$ebay_appId = $ebay_sandbox_appId;

$ebay_cert = $ebay_sandbox_cert;

$ebay_gatewaySOAP = $ebay_sandbox_gatewaySOAP;


$ebay_siteId = "101";

$ebay_siteCode = "IT";

$ebay_siteName = "Italy";

$ebay_compatibilityLevel = 551;


//add product

$ebay_printcategoriestree_default = "14968";

$IT_ExpressCourier_Cost_Default = "8.50";

$ebay_viewlink = "http://cgi.ebay.it/";

$Currency = "EUR";

$PayPalEmailAddress = "email@email.it";

$ReturnPolicy_Description = "Return Policy";

$Location = "Location";

$PostalCode = "000000";

$Street = "via Test, 00";

$ListingDuration = "Days_30";

$CompanyName = "Test Company";

$PhoneAreaOrCityCode = "097";

$PhoneLocalNumber = "1212123";

$ReturnsWithinOption = "Days_10";

$DispatchTimeMax = "2";

$IT_Pickup_Cost = "0.0";

$autoupdate_default = false;

$ProdDesc_pre = "";

$ProdDesc_post = "";




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OK. Now another problem. When I click on get Categories I get the following message after waiting 1-2 minutes:


ebay Get Categories
2006 - MySQL server has gone away
truncate table ebay_categories
2006 - MySQL server has gone away
select count(*) as total from sessions where sesskey = '2dce0a5bbab321a4ac6acf940352a260'

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