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Can't view orders


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Hi all,

I've done a search and tried some thing I have been able to find but with no luck.


I tested out my shopping cart and placed an order. I recieved an email as both the store owner and the shopper saying the order was processed so everything should be fine on that front.


I attempted to view the orders and i didnt see anything. I tried with made up customers, I even tried with the customers that came with OScommerce bu I still don't see any orders. I checked the tables and I the orders weren't in orders or Order Total.


I have had a few contributions installed so i went back to verify they were installed correctly and they seem it be. The only thing that looks out of the ordinary, and I'm new to Os commerce so I can't really be sure is the orders total module. There is only one item in it and that is "Discount Code". There is nothing else in the module.


I didn't install OSCommerce, someone did it for me, so honestly I can't tell you if they messed something up with the installation. Anybody have any ideas?

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I checked and it is set to "pending" which is the default.


I went back and really looked and the orders are showing in the "Orders" table.

I checked the "Orders_Products" table and the order is showing there

I checked "Order_Status_History" and the order is there

There is no entry in "Orders_Total"


I'm not sure if whoever set up my store set it up correctly. I say that because I only have one entry in "modules" I have attached a screenshot, if someone could tell me if it is I would truly appreciate it.


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