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Limit of items bought


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I have a problem when a customer buy more than 100 different items in my 2.3 os Commerce store.

In fact, the invoice generated by my store is perfect but when the customer is redirected to the Paypal website to complete the payment, only the first 99 items bought appear on the invoice; the total reflect the sum for the 99 items. I must then contact the customer to explain he must send another payment to receive the complete order.




119 items bought ... OS Commerce invoice total: $294.99


.......... Redirection to the Paypal website ................


only the first 99 items appear on the invoice... Paypal payment total: $246.27


The missing $48.72 ($294.99 - $246.27) is exactly the sum due for the 20 items that are not on the Paypal invoice.


I have search on the Paypal website to find a way to remove this limitation about the quantity of items bought without success... Someone knows if the problem can be on the configuration of my store ?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the answers guys.


In my admin area, the Product Quantities In Shopping Cart is set to 0... so there is no limit; but anyway, i'm almost sure it is a limitation on the Paypal side because my osc invoice is complete (more than 99 items listed and total amount due is ok).


I wrote to Paypal but as usual i got a canned answer far away from the subject of my question.

Then, i wrote again, but all i got is : Call us, we will like to speak to you!

Unfortunately, i don't speak english well enough to have a phone discussion ... Anyway, it's not each day that i receive an order of more than 99 items. :thumbsup:


Thanks again and if anybody reads this and can help, it would be appreciated

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You type English very well :)


I doubt PayPal will re-write any of their code for one shop. It maybe easier to accept an alternative form of payment or direct credit card payments with somebody like Authorize.net then if the cart is >99 only show that payment option.


Also the person who ordered 119 items must REALLY like your stuff because adding 119 different items to a cart seems like a bit of a chore. Maybe some of these products could be grouped together in packages or kits. You may find you sell more stuff this way and eliminate the tedious chores of adding all these items to the cart by your customers. Of course I have no idea what you actually sell or if this makes good business sense for you.


Hope it helps.

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