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Hi! Sorry if somebody already asked this,but all day trying to find a solution but I could not find.

Im new in OScommerce and there was an attack a few years ago.I want to use it again.


I installed the latest version of OSC and on the administration page always there this message:


Additional Protection With htaccess/htpasswd

This osCommerce Online Merchant Administration Tool installation is not additionally secured through htaccess/htpasswd means.

The following files need to be writable by the web server to enable the htaccess/htpasswd security layer:

  • /var/www/html/shop/****/.htaccess
  • /var/www/html/shop/****/.htpasswd_oscommerce

Reload this page to confirm if the correct file permissions have been set.


And under the administrator LED is red.


Could someone to help for me step by step?


Best Regards.

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I have the same issue.


I have read elsewhere that if I add my password into the first line of .htpasswd_oscommerce that the problem would be solved.


How do I create the file ".htpasswd_oscommerce" in Windows and what permissions under IIS should I set for it?


And does adding my password on line one of .htpasswd_oscommerce solve the problem?

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