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help resolving issue with QTPro and Master Products


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Hi all, after 5 days without a response in the addons forum I am taking a last stab here before I have to abandon the idea of using osC for my webstore.



My issue is thus: I am running QTPro as well as the Master Products contribution. I have a master product that has two slave products, each with two attributes which are tracking stock.


Attribute 1----Slave product 1-----Master Product

Attribute 2---/ /

Attribute 3----Slave product 2----/

Attribute 4---/


When the sale completes, the master product quantity is removed from stock but no stock adjustments are made for either slave products or their attributes.


I have tested this with a clean install and just the Master Product addon and the slave products remove from inventory fine so the issue must lie with the two contribs playing nicely together.


So the big question: What do I need to do to get the stock adjustments to work for the attributes and slave products? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I know just enough PHP to muddle my way through the easiest issues but this is beyond my skills. If someone could even tell me which files are likely the culprit I can at least start my diagnosis.


Thanks in advance!

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