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can't explain why right/ left columns have background image


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I'm pretty confident in my css skills until this moment...


I've added one div immediately inside the "bodywrapper" and have added a background image and inner shadow (1 px highlight on the top/ left edge) to it- simple stuff...


I then added a small margin-bottom/ margin-top to the boxes in the right/ left columns and suddenly I'm seeing the background image clearly backing the right/ left columns... it should just be transparent.


I have added shadows to each column and the content div which suddenly is adding confusion- I gave the right column a high z-index so it would not have the body content div's shadow showing on it... this worked for the boxes themselves EXCEPT now I still see the shadow showing on that background image of the right column... I'm just completely confused on how it can be doing this. (see screenshot)


I've searched both sites on css and this one trying to figure out if it's inheriting (it must be, right?) and I've set the background image to "none" and the background color to "transparent" on everything but it is still there... I can not figure out why.


Any help or input would be greatly appreciated!!


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OK well I guess I figured it out and in the process learned something about shadows....


I tried setting the position of the column over other elements so I could see if indeed it was transparent or not... IT IS. Adding a shadow apparently gives an edge to the element it's being applied to, it kind of brings the edge "forward" from the background (see pic)... css lesson for the day...




What I want to do is display consistent columns; either all together (no bottom/ top margins) with top/ bottom corners of the entire column rounded OR boxes separated by a little bit of space all with rounded corners individually...


The problem is different boxes display depending on whether logged in or not (like "Order History") so I'm struggling to get a consistent look...


Where does the PHP ascertain whether a person is logged in or not? I'm understanding some of the PHP, but I can't find this particular coding... seems like if I can find that, I can just add the classes/ styles.


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