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The e-commerce.

Several customers splitting an order


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sorry if this has been asked before, didn't know what to search for.


I'm a member of a cooperative ordering in bulk from different companies. Right now we are using an excel file for looking up prices and googledocs to generate an order sheet. Since the bulk companies only want one order, all of us has to write our orders up on that one order sheet. Very complicated, so I am looking for webshop solutions.


Before choosing which system to use I need to know if oscommerce has a feature that is vital to us - a lot of the things we buy are in huge packages, like 5-10 kilos, and therefore several people split the package. The order is not sent until enough people have joined in. Does oscommerce have a feature for this? For example John searches for "chick peas 5 kg" adding it to the cart, saying he wants 3 kg, then Stacy logs in saying she wants 1 kg and then Adam wants the last kilo, and then the order entry turns green and is then added to the final order.


In case this feature isn't there, is there a plugin or anything like that?




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That would be a custom coding job, there is currently no contribution to allow that. Further, the shipping and payment logistics would be a nightmare, let alone tax collection.





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Well, if your history shows that someone ordering some quantity of chick peas will likely soon be followed by someone else ordering enough to fill out a minimum quantity order (5 kg), you could just go ahead and order the 5 or 10 kg and hope that you get sufficient further orders to sell the remainder. This becomes a matter of knowing past sales trends and inventory management -- you start promoting the remaining balance of the item to promote its moving out, and perhaps cutting the price to move it before it spoils. As you were told, there's no built-in provision in osC to manage combining multiple customer orders, unless you and your customers want to hold the order long enough for a minimum quantity order to accumulate. You need to risk losing some inventory or moving it out at a loss, if you can't sell it all in time (hopefully full sales will more than offset those losses).

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