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can't login to admin panel


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I've uploaded a new version of OsCommerce v2.3.1 on a clean FTP-site and inserted the database file.


When finished I entered a new username and password on the login-screen of the admin panel. After inserted this, the login page gives no errors and is asking for my username and password.


But then: I can't login using the username and password I just created.


Looking at the database tabel administrators, the username and password are inserted correctly (although you can't 'read' the password since it's secured).


What am I doing wrong?


I've cleared the .htaccess file and removed the .htpasswd_oscommerce file over and over again, emptied the table administrators over and over again but nothing seems to work.


Does anybody know what to do?

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Hi i had the same issue myself earlier today:


First - Delete all your cookies, then close and reopen your browser.


Second - Log into your Mysql Databases, where your administrator login details are select them and edit both the username and password (select encrypt for password function). Also make sure the username and password are different to ones you used before, then save them - DO NOT DELETE JUST EDIT THE CURRENT USER DETAILS.


Thirdly - Goto your OScommerce admin login yourdomain.com/shop/admin (make sure the directory route is correct, mine is under shop directory but yours maybe different) then when prompted enter the new username and password (it is case Sensitive so make sure you enter them exactly as you did in MySQL) then click login. If it comes up with the to many login attempts errors, simply wait a good 10 mins, then click the Administration link at top of the login page to reset the login page and re-enter the login details again. Manually enter both password and Username, do not rely on your broswer to remember them as that doesn't always work for me, so may not work for you either.


Let us know if this has helped.


Also once in your admin area i recommend you create a new admin user from the admin area, as i had problems trying to log in again prior to creating a new admin user in the admin area.

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Forgot to add, that when you create the new admin user and login details in the Oscommerse administration, tick the box for protect with htaccess/htpasswd. Once you click save it will pop up with a prompt requesting username and password, simply enter the new users username and password and submit. The password will them be secure and you should no longer have any login issues.

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Hi Teaboy2


Thanx for your reply, but it didn't work. I followed your steps, but after entering the new username and password in admin/login.php nothing happens. I can see in the address bar that the link has changed to admin/login.php?action=process but thats just about it.


I've run a new install of OsCommerce 2.3.1 in a new directory besides the one I've already have and followed the installation steps like I did before.


Now the new site is running on site/admin/login.php and after inserting the provided username and password which I entered during installation, I can login (!), but after a few seconds, when changing from page to page within the admin, suddenly my browser (Chrome) is telling me that the server doesn't respond anymore and is kicking me out !


After re-entering the url in the address bar I can run the admin-pages again but again after a few secondes..... .and so on and so on


I have a same sort of problem with the frontend site. Everything is working fine for me, although the Session-ID is within the URL in de address bar, but in Internet Explorer 9.0 and 8.0 the site is working.


But when using Firefox 7.0 the browser comes with an error:


Warning: require(includes/languages/.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/web/includes/application_top.php on line 261.


After searching what line 261 is, I found this:


require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '.php');


It seems that the session won't register the language.


When I change:



$language = $lng->language['directory'];

$languages_id = $lng->language['id'];





$language = 'dutch';

$languages_id = '1';


It works fine in Firefox 7.0.


Any ideas?

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