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Product Attributes not showing?


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Am to the point of adding stock to the website, and encountered an oddity. Under 'Catalog - Products Attributes' I inserted some new attributes. However when I added products from 'Categories - Products' none of the product attributes showed in the display of the item on the website. Only the Name, Model, and brief description I had written, with Price and the image I had chosen.


Did I forget to throw a switch, are the product attributes for in house use only (unlikely since they seem to be aimed at offering customers options), OR is there in fact any reason at all to bother with attributes? :)


I would think if they were to be part of the display then I would have options for setting them as I entered each product.




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have you installed any additional modules?

Have you link the products with attributes in admin control panel?

Please read this line: Do you want to find all the answers to your questions? click here. As for contribution database it's located here!

8 people out of 10 don't bother to read installation manuals. I can recommend: if you can't read the installation manual, don't bother to install any contribution yourself.

Before installing contribution or editing/updating/deleting any files, do the full backup, it will save to you & everyone here on the forum time to fix your issues.

Any issues with oscommerce, I am here to help you.

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I started installing the event scheduler but decided it was not important to the function of the site so reverted to a back up.


I have not seen a way to link attributes to products.. but will go take a second look.


Edited after that second look.... still not seeing anything obvious about linking. Still sifting through the online database, but so far just keep getting addons and extra files. Does it not work without adding extras?

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