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Google Chrome update to version 17 may harm your site


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Just thought I would post to let people know of a current problem I have found with Google Chrome.


If your browser updates to version 17.0.963.46 m then you may find that some of your images on your site no longer show. They usually just show white in both the browser window and the lighbox enlargement. This problem still persists even if you type the correct direct path as a URL. (thumbnails appear to be unaffected)


The only current work around that I have found that solves the problem is to resize your images. You can even resize all the images, load them back onto your back office once and immediately load back on again at the original dimension and this should solve the issue.


e.g Original image =500 x 500 resize to 499 x 499 load on to back office. Check it has worked then load on to back office in original 500 x 500 size.


I have no idea why this has happened and it only appears that it is with version 17.0.963.46 m of Chrome.


Hope that this helps some people as I was getting many emails saying I want to by X but cannot see an image of it.



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There was a similar issue with Safari when you used Javascript to swap images, it would load a second image the same size as the first and ignore the size. It has since been fixed, but Chrome is a take off of Safari and both from web development point of views tend to have the same issues.


That said, your fix seems to be forcing an image resize in some cache somewhere. The issue I think is that if you change the image then it gets cached again you're back at square one.


Has this problem been reported with people using other site software ie Wordpress / Joomla?

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I have no idea regarding other sites.


I will post back if I have any further issues with images I know I have resized, however this did not effect all of my images so I have no idea if they are being cached in many different places which would make your assumption correct. If the cache is all in the same place I cannot understand why it will work for some and not other images.

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