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The e-commerce.

. . Search Engine Friendly osC Pages . .


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Hello all..Had a small question.


Does anyone know when the osC tem will have the Search Engine Freindly pages completed?


Just curious..


Thanks again to the osC team, keep up the good work.






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What's wrong with the dynamic content URLs?


Just curious.


NOTE: As of Oct 2006, I'm not as active in this forum as I used to be, but I still work with osC quite a bit.

If you have a question about any of my posts here, your best bet is to contact me though either Email or PM in my profile, and I'll be happy to help.

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Search engine friendly pages are no longer necessary in the majority(99%) of applications.


Search engines such as google have no problem spidering sites with php?= therefore, it is unnecessary. If you wish to promote your pages further look into contributions:http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,207/page,6


[Header Tag Controller]





[session Id Killer(More Important Than Almost Anything For Page Ranking)]


The oscommerce team has recently employed a spider.txt file which ideally should identify each unique spider albeit if your list is updated in a consistent manner.


I am unconvinced of its merit simply because the ip addresses and unique identifiers of each spider/bot will complicate this solution ad infinitum(no offense to anyone). I still thing session id is unnecessary until a unique action (unable to be performed by a spider/bot) is employed.


This issue is as important if not more important than some of the issues being addressed currently[themes(site customization can be performed with an adicum of effort), etc.]


The ranking issue is wholly under addressed considering the implications involved.


After all, A beautiful well constructed completely operational site is completely worthless if no one can find it

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