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Payment modules and offline payment transfer


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I've set up osC on a server without any real activity from customers or anything so far. I would like to ask somethings ahead of time to get a clear understanding of how the order system work.


Currently, the only online order system we (or rather my father) wants to support is only PayPal. I've set up the Express module accordingly. One thing I'd like to know is what exactly the 'default' order status is. We're OEM. We manufacture the products and ship them within a few days, so when we receive payment, we'd like to send the customer a message saying 'thanks, your payment has been received, and we've started manufacturing'. What status will help me do that? Moreover, when we're sending the delivery, is there some sort of status we can add to records that we've done that and email the customer along with the relevant details?


I'm seeking is offline payment modules. Or more accurately offline payment transfers. I'm sure it's more or less common knowledge for online business owners, but PayPal takes a cut out of every transaction made through them. And we'd like to give them an option to transfer money offline. We'll list a few methods such as Western Union, so it will give them the instructions for sending the money to us and give them an order ID so we can match it with the order on store. I did not find any addons to support this. What can I do?

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