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Product Images (without uploading)


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Looking for HELP! (w00t)


I maintain a OSC site and want to implement a new idea regarding images when a new product is created. I use OPI 2.0 but find cross browser support issues and since I don't add products, this has become an issue.


I would like when adding a new product, the image field is automatically populated with an image name, which so happens to be the product UPC. I take all the product images and store them on the server directly when they are taken and want to eliminate the process of browsing for the image when adding new products.


Any thoughts?





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You can either upload the image during the product creation process, or use Easy Populate to populate the database fields directly.







Thanks Chris for the fast reply.


I guess I should have explained better. I take the photos, put them on the server named, [sKU#].jpg and another employee adds the product via admin. I was hoping to skip the photos upload process and have the db table auto populated with the [sKU#].jpg


Hoping to simplify things.


Appriciate the help.



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Amend categories to rip out the image uploading stuff.

Amend same file to insert name of file based on product model (aka SKU).




$image_to_use = tep_db_prepare_input($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_model']);

$sql_data_array['products_image'] = $image_to_use . '.jpg';


Something like that.

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