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Go back to previous look and feel of osCommerce


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I have tried to search for an answer to this, without success...

A few months ago, I received a warning from my Website Host that I needed to upgrade osCommerce to version 2.3.1. I did so, only to find that the pages now have a very different look and feel. This is how my Home page now looks:


I don't know whether that is going to show. I wil attach the picture instead...

I have seen something about changing the stylesheet in catalog/includes, but there seems to be no such file in that folder.

I would like to get back to the previous look and feel of osCommerce. How do I do this?


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Unfortunately, because v2.3.1 uses the 960 grid system and a jquery ui you won't get back to the look of RC2a. You can alter the stylesheet.css to change colors and styles but it won't be exactly like RC2a.





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@ montfort_press


I felt the same way when I started playing with 2.3.1. Now, I couldn't imagine going back to work on my 2.2 site (which I'm in the process of upgrading).


The stylesheet is not in your includes folder. It is in the main folder (catalog).


Even with the 960 grid system, you can make your site look any way you want. In fact, when you start learning and understanding it, you may very well find that you have more control over your visual layout than you ever could have had with 2.2.


Rather than starting with the stylesheet, you might want to start with the jquery themeroller and replace the stock theme. Regarding your theme, that's gonna give you the biggest bang in exchange for your time. Then you tweak and customize from there.



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Thanks. My problem is that I am not very au fait with how you go about adapting these things. I have worked a bit with CSS, but the stylesheet.css file supplied does not seem as intuitive as those I have worked with before.

The thing that REALLY annoys me about the new version (3.2.1) is that in the admin pages, the menu no longer appears in a left-hand column, so that when you click on an entry, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see any effect - time-consuming and annoying! Is there any way to change this? Is this to do with the stylesheet.css file? Which one? The one in the admin folder, or the one in the main folder?

Any help appreciated.

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