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  • 4 years later...

New problems with this module while AVS check is enabled (still on osC 2.3.4 BS GOLD). @greasemonkey have you see this before?

I just activated AVS check because we were getting a lot more fraud than before. In an effort not to stop orders coming in from Quebec (where addresses often contain accents) I’ve elected to accept the following AVS verification codes: A, W, X, Y, Z. I did some testing and everything seemed to be working reliably.

Looking at our logs this morning it’s apparent that there’s a problem. Some transactions are being approved without the AVS check while others are being declined because of a bad AVS check. Some are approved with bad CVD while others are declined, and some not checked at all. Some of the payments that came in without an order were in Pre-Auth even though the options sate to Complete the transaction. Even worst, some transactions are being approved but osCommerce isn’t getting the response and isn’t creating an order and the only sign we get of the payment being received is in our local Moneris transaction log.

It worked pretty flawlessly when I had AVS disabled. The options hereunder were the same except that the AVS response field was left blank, and the "How would you like to perform CVD verification?" option was set to "Allow Unparticipated Cards".

Here's my AVS enabled configuration:

Enable Moneris Solutions eSELECTplus Module
Do you want to accept eSELECTplus payments?
Test or Production Server?
 Test Server
X  Production Server
Transaction Completion
Complete transaction on checkout or manual completion
 X Completion on checkout
 Manual Completion
Store ID
Store ID value obtained from the Moneris eSELECTplus Activation Letter
API Token
API Token value obtained from the Store Settings Section of eSELECTPlus Merchant Resource Center
Order ID Prefix
Prefix of the order id you would like on for the moneris transactions
Number Of Retries
Number of Retries on the same credit card in the same transaction.
(To disable retries limit, set it as '-1')
VISA Card Transactions
How would you like to perform VISA card transaction(s)?
 Do not accept
 Normal Transaction only
Perform AVS/CVD
 Perform VbV
 Perform VbV and AVS/CVD
Master Card Transactions
How would you like to perform Master Card transaction(s)?
 Do not accept
 Normal Transaction only
Perform AVS/CVD
 Perform MCSC
 Perform MCSC and AVS/CVD
American Express Transactions
How would you like to perform American Express transaction(s)?
Do not accept
 Normal Transaction only
 Perform CVD
Novus/Discover Transactions
How would you like to perform Novus/Discover transaction(s)?
Do not accept
 Normal Transaction only
 Perform AVS
Other Card Types Transactions
Would you like to allow transaction(s) from other card types?
Do not accept
 Normal Transaction only
Card Verification Digit (CVD)
How would you like to perform CVD verification?
 Do Not Perform
Full Matches Only
 Allow Unparticipated Cards
Address Verification Service (AVS)
Which AVS response code would you allow? (To disable AVS, leave the field blank)
A, W, X, Y, Z

Add Shipping Tax
Would you like to turn the module to calculate shipping tax?
Payment Zone
If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone.
Sort order of display.
Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first.
Set Order Status
Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value


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My problem is not fixed.... it seems the one thing it's really doing wrong is that it's keeping failed AVS transactions in PRE-AUTH. Then the customer tries a few times, it locks up their available balance in the mutiple PRE-AUTH and then we get angry customers.

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@greasemonkey When you made the Moneris module for Phoenix, did you update it to use the new Moneris API? Or did you simply convert the process that was in the 2.2 / 2.3.x module?

Moneris is saying that the 2.3.x module uses their old API (& 3dSecure 1.0) which is barely still supported by card issuers. I need to change this so it uses the new APIs...

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