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The e-commerce.

Is version 2.2 still available anywhere


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Hi guys


I am looking at oscommerce for a site I am building for myself. I am ok with html and css and can do enough in php to be dangerous.


I was initially attracted to oscommerce because changing the look of the site re colour schemes, background images, fonts etc all appeared to be controlled from 1 css file. However having started to work on a site using 2.3.1 it appears that there is a lot of stuff in the css file that is overiden by jquery files.


Threads on this forum have sugeted that you can build themes in themeroller but having looked at that I am not convinced that its a route I want to go.


My undersatnding is that this change came about in version 2.3.1.


Is there anywhere I can get hold of a stable copy of 2.2?





PS Why oh why oh why do so many scripts become overly complicated and end up requiring the services of proffesional developers. Not sure I am convinced by the standards compliance argument. Just tell me who is devising these standards and I will go and put them straight ;)

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Version 2.2 never had a final release. The various pre-release versions had numerous bugs and security holes, and none are now considered safe to use.


Use 2.3.1. It's safe, can be used on the latest version of PHP, and it's really not as hard to use as you seem to think.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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There is a download available from my web site.


Can't put a link here, believe the forum rules don't like this, but click on my picture and the link is there in my profile.





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If you end up using 2.2 then also download 2.3.1 and follow the upgrade document, you will then get a safe version wich will work on never server set-ups too. The version your then get will still be with the 2.2 structure and controlled from just 1 stylesheet.

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You will at least need to apply the two code changes here . Following that there are a number of other code changes you can make here but they are not mandatory in terms of fixing the really bad security issues.


If at the very least you apply the two code changes in the first link then I also suggest you use htaccess basic authentication on your admin directory as well as a first layer of protection against unauthorized access to the admin section.


Then there are addons such as osC_Sec (which contains the two code fixes as well as other security checks) and SiteMonitor which can be helpful as well.

- Stop Oscommerce hacks dead in their tracks with osC_Sec (see discussion here)
- Another discussion about infected files ::here::
- A discussion on file permissions ::here::
- Site hacked? Should you upgrade or not, some thoughts ::here::
- Fix the admin login bypass exploit here
- Pareto Security: New security addon I am developing, a remake of osC_Sec in PHP 5 with a number of fixes
- BTC:1LHiMXedmtyq4wcYLedk9i9gkk8A8Hk7qX

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