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Product not linking to category


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Just when ya all thought ya heard the last from me... Surprise... I'm back.


I'm still running a basic store..not yet up or running. This may be a basic question, I may even answer it myself. When in Admin ( Categories / Products ) I am testing it with just 2 categories, Lingerie & Other Sweets. The furure owner does custom alterations for exotic dancers, her friend does custom candies...Thus the name. My problem now is that the products in Other Sweets don't link to the category. The products in Lingerie do. While typing.. I'm thinking this is because I have Other Sweets listed as Out Of Stock, and Lingerie is in stock. Could this be it? Or could it be something in coding I'm missing?


I'm thinking I should change it... and see if it's true. I only thought of it while typing, and didn't wan't to lose train of thought is why I did.


That was it... And I can find no way to delete the post, I apologize.


If Someone can delete it... I'd appreciate it.. I can only edit it.

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