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I realize this topic has been asked to death and I have read a lot of documentation but nothing that really guided me towards a solution. Im completely new to Oscommerce and im trying to help a friend with some seo on his site, in particular updating category title tags.


I have installed version 2.3.1 on my local machine and it is very different than his version, i dont know exactly what version he's running because i dont have ftp access just yet and as i understand it, you need to edit a file to get the version number, (is that really true?)


In my version I dont seem to be able to edit the category pages, i.e. edit meta data, write a description of the category, even edit the category name. Some of this is probably because i'm a novice but In his version next to each category is an edit icon where i can add an image, rewrite titles and title tags, add meta info.


This is where I encounter my problem, I have attached a screen shot of bottom of the category edit page, it shows that In theory I should be able to change the title tags fairly easily however when I try to save it nothing happens


Here's a screen shot of what I'm seeing post-304843-0-74543300-1327258889_thumb.jpg


Whats happening is when I try and save my new meta data it doesn't save at all and I dont know what could be causing this, file permissions maybe?


I guess im just looking for some general guidance and support, anything help you can offer is greatly appreciated, Im really looking forward to jumping into Oscommerce.

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The image you provided is not from a default osCommerce admin page. It looks like it might be osCMax you have. You will have to find out the actual version number and if it is in fact a fork of osCommerce.





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