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The e-commerce.

Images won't upload.

Chandler Isaac Klebs

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Hello. I'm new to this forum.


I'm working for a man who wants me to build a website to sell golf discs and custom art on them.

Things were going fairly well until suddenly when I make new products it won't upload them like it used to.


For example, this link



Is supposed to show an image that is located at



But for whatever reason, it's not there. I'm doing the same thing I did to upload the other images and you can see that they successfully uploaded and display.


I'm not sure if the server(fatcow) is having temporary trouble or if there are too many images I've uploaded and somehow oscommerce is choking because they are all in the same folder.

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If you are getting a message saying the file has been uploaded check on the server and see if it is there.


If it is, check the filename you have used.


Rename the image on the server to 2.jpg if it is a jpg and upload it again.


If it works there is something in the file name such as spaces or special characters or the product recoerd holds the name a Product1_img.jpg and on the server it is called product1_img.jpg. Do you see the difference one has capitals in the name the other doesn't.


If the file is not being uploaded then there could be a problem with folder permissions.


Has anyone canged them?





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