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going from apache to IIS7.5


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I have been forced to move from an apache server running on RHEL and move to an IIS7.5 installation in the cloud. I have only four stores I need to move but I have had some weird issues and need to see if anyone else has seen this.


I am exporting the database from the apache and then on the IIS basically moving the whole file structure of the store (2.2) over to the new server in total. Once on the new server I make the database and then import the sql file from the old to the new. Then I am editing the paths in the two configure files (catalog/include and admin/include).


The site is opens up to the main page and I can click on the different catagories and the path in the address bar changes but the page doesnt... it stays on the main page with no products changing on the main page.


I noted when I went to the admin panel and looked at customers and clicked on one of the names I got the following error

Unable to determine the page link!

Function used:

tep_href_link('', '', 'NONSSL')


I have not defined an ssl as of yet, just need to get it working again on the IIS....... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Not a Smart move ! I suggest finding a new hosting provider that offers Linux Servers. Clearly your websites are set up to use some of the functionlity that a linux server offers that a IIs server does not.





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Or simply upgrade the shops to 2.3.1 and they will most likly work.

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The upgrade was how I was sure the site would function but I could not use the imported database from the old site. I exported the database from the old site using phpmyadmin and created the database and then installed the site (2.3.1) and of course it rewrote the whole database so all the products were gone. I grabbed the configure file and noted all the path info so I could get it right when I just moved the old one across and the site will run but will now show any products. It is almost as if there is a url rewrite or friendly urls active somewhere and the two just dont like each other.


I would force to a linux box if I could. I am not a happy camper being forced onto windows but dont have much choice in the matter.....It is an admin thing beyond my control.

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Make a fresh new 2.3.1 install


Then import over products, categories, orders and customers data from the old db.


You will need to do some slight changes to the old data before you can import it over.


Att: make note of the language id(s) used..you might have to do some changes to ensure that thay "match"

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