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Header shortcuts move, would like to change bg color


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Hello everyone!


I have two problems I need some advice if possible.


The first is being the Header shortcuts. When a user is not logged in it will display propperly on the top right corner of the header. However, after a user logs in, it will display over the "Shopping cart" box IF the shopping cart box is shown on the Right side of the screen. But, if I turn off the shopping cart, or move the shopping cart to the left the Header Shortcuts do not show at all. I have included a photo (circled in Red).


I tried to replace the Header Shortcut code in Header.php but it did not fix it.


My next issue is a small one, but I would like to know how to make the background of the table white. I've tried entering the code in all sorts areas in the stylesheet but I can't seem to pinpoint the area! It is circled in Orange in the same photo attached.


If you need to see the page it is currently located at: http://jessparker.com/8bit/index.php


Thanks in advance, any replies will be greatly apprecaited!


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First issue is connected with the size of your logo, it's too wide, and after the user is logged in, there are more buttons displayed than if not, that's why the buttons shift down.


What to do? Make either the logo smaller, or give an other somultion, eg make it absolute positioned


Second issue: floats are not cleared, check here

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