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Installation won't get past the database connection configuration


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I tried to install osC3 Alpha 5 and I can't get past the Database Server screen (step 1).


I changed my configuration to use localhost, IP, MySQL InnoDB (Transaction Safe) and nothing happens, the gear under testing database connection keeps spinning but that's about it.


On the very first screen, right before you start the installation under PHP Extensions MySQLi has a red X but the osC installation button is active.


I'm trying to install osC on an SME7 server (ver 7.4) with PHP5 contribution installed (PHP 5.2.8). For those not familiar with SME, SME is a Linux based server and a bunch of contributions can be installed as addon modules. PHP5 is one of them. Currently, the Primary iBay (default webserver) is configured to use PHP5 while PHP4 is still the default version for the rest of the iBays.Windows 7 Key Sale


I'm not good with SQL, Linux or PHP so if you have a solution/suggestion please be as detailed as possible.



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v3 is not ready for production and require php5.3


Use 2.3.1


Also if you are using 5.3 install the latest patches as a DOS vunerability has been identified





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