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Buncha Domains, One Cart?


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I have a few different types of widgets I sell now on different domains, and a parent company domain.


let's call them






and then goodwidgetcompany.com tells about us and links out to our other sites.


Can I set up OScommerce in such a way that customers on all the sites can use the same cart? I have a general idea of doing some kind of scripting so certain categories would be displayed on each domain.


It would be fine for everybody to ultimately be directed to goodwidgetcompany.com for final checkout. Better if they didn't but not a big deal.


My big challenge is that there is a lot of cross selling, where people will buy items from goodadultwidgets and goodbabywidgets.com


actually an excellent example is soap.com

they have 4 sites that all add products to one cart, that's exactly what I'm looking to do.

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There are varying opinions about combining one checkout with one cart. Some members have been partially successful in doing just that but in most cases that I have seen, the card is unstable when trying to integrate OSCID's like that.


I personally don't recommend it for a production store.




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