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The e-commerce.

Put background image in white area.


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Hi, Ive been trying to change the background from white to a picture behind the product. If i delete the below text in the stylesheet.php it leaves little white corners see picture --> post-303123-0-73291500-1326233166_thumb.jpg and this is what it looks like with no editing to the stylesheet.php post-303123-0-89134900-1326233142_thumb.jpg


Thank you for any help.


/* IMAGE */

.pic {}

.table_pic_width {width:1px;}

.pic_corn_c {background:#FFFFFF;}

.pic_corn_t {background:#FFFFFF url(images/img_tal1.gif) top repeat-x;}

.pic_corn_b {background:#FFFFFF url(images/img_tal2.gif) bottom repeat-x;}

.pic_corn_l {background:#FFFFFF url(images/img_tal3.gif) left repeat-y;}

.pic_corn_r {background:#FFFFFF url(images/img_tal4.gif) right repeat-y;}

.image {background:#ffffff; width:100%;}

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Ok, those are images (the corners) appear to be coded.... in probably your product_info.php.


They are






The color of the background is 2e2e2e so your options are either find and delete those image calls or color them the same color as the surrounding style.


My preference is to leave it the way it is, I like the contrast but since I don't know what you are going to sell and how it will look.........


Gota love TemplateMonster!!


You will probably find the #ffffff (white) background for the table that hold those corners in the same place.

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