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Removing Required Fields in Customer Account


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Hi All


I'm running V2.3.1


When custromers want to create an account there were just too many compulsory (required) fields to complete so I decided to remove most of them. After reading various advice etc on the forums I did the following:


a. Set all fileds in minimum values to "0"

b. Edited catalog/create_account.php by deleting <tr> tables of the fields I do not require

c. Edited catalog/includes/form_check.js.php by deleting "check_input" fields of fields I do not want. (those removed above)

d. Went to my database (countries) and deleted all countries except South Africa - confirmed country is available via Admin/Localization.


To verify everything is functional I created an account (as customer would) and got this error:

"You must select a country from the Countries pull down menu".


How do I correct this error?




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Most all of the fields on the create_account.php are required by LAW if you are accepting online credit card payments (including those from authorize.net and PayPal)


You COULD remove:




Fax Number

Newsletter check box

Company Name



Everything else is required.





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I have same question, maybe one difference... If the store will only deal with COD, not Pay Pal or credit cards, I too don't see the need for so much customer info.


Just the basics. I've watched so many other fill out forms with random info.. phone numbers, apartment numbers and such. I'd much rather prefer minimal info at login, and if the store turns out to be profit.. add credit cards and the required info at that point. I feel I would be getting much more reliable info, and future customers would be less threatened with a possible hacking or identity theft. If billion dollar corporations can't prevent it, I doubt my store would either. So the less required info the better, I feel. :sweating:

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Personally I would restore the account set up code and set the required flags in the shop admin to false for gender, dob and company name.


You could set min length to zero for some of the other fields but then you start getting shipping problems.





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Fantastic idea, Thank You. I just get real tired of all the meaningless sites out there that feel they need to know your first borns childrens names, as well as their spouses... and other non-relevant information. To browse and look around they shouldn't need immigration history or anything. I agree, once they do purchase, the info will be needed. But not prior, just for the simple reason it's required by credit card companies. I'm sure most of Zappos customers are feeling the same about now.


Thanks G

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