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The e-commerce.

PayPal express: after clicking final "pay" nothing happens


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Hi there,


I want to use paypal express in my oscommerce 2.3.1-shop.


I did:


1) get the API-values from PayPal

2) activate the PayPal-express module in oscommerce admin

3) filled out everything (API-values etc.)

4) configure "http://www.my-domain.de/oscommerce/checkout_success.php" as return-url in my PayPal-profile


I asked my husband to test, under ubuntu + firefox and under windows vista + chrome, same result:


He buys something, choses paypal express checkout. At first shipping is not shown and order total is only what he bought. When he logs into paypal, shipping is shown, order total too, then he clicks "pay" and then just gets back to the shopping cart and nothing happens. Neither does he get any message nor an e-mail, nor do I get an e-mail nor does any paypal transaction occur on his or my paypal account.


Can someone please help me to find out waht is going wrong?


Thanks in advance



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Additional information from another thread (http://forums.oscomm...aking-payments/):


The user had the same problem that I have and two other users said they have the same problem. PayPal looked into it and wrote (essentials):


"1. the website invokes the SetExpressCheckout Request API call and redirects the browser to PayPal

1a. the website receives the SetExpressCheckout Response API from PayPal with ack=Successful


2. the website invokes the GetExpressCheckout Request API call after the login in PayPal/billing info input

2a. the website receives the GetExpressCheckout Response API from PayPal with ack=Successful


3. the website invokes the DoExpressCheckout Request API call after the buyer clicks on the Pay Now in PayPal

3a. the website receives the DoExpressCheckout Response API from PayPal with ack=Successful and the transaction happens with a transaction ID produced.


As you can understand the 2nd and 3rd steps are not happening as only the first step of the three-steps procedure is completed from the OSCommerce cart, resulting in an incomplete flow."


After all that I was able to see this is what happens to me too. But I'm totally clueless as to what the reason for this may be ...


Someone help me, pleeaaase ...

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