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Changing Handling Fee & other Shipping Questions


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I "inherited" administration of an OS Commerce site, and am trying to understand how a few things work. I've read the documentation, but still having an issue with figuring out a couple of issues. The website is www.pacosxc.com.


First of all, we have the Shipping Module, Standard SHipping activated, with Table Method for rates according to PRICE set up. (49.99:5,99.99:8,249.99:13,499.99:16,999.99:20,99999:25 for standard, 49.99:10,99.99:14,249.99:23,499.99:28,999.99:32,99999:40 for 3-day). There is no Handling Fee, Tax Class, or Shipping Zone designated. Under Zone Rates, there is a Zone 1 Handling Fee of $10 shown, but the "Enable Zones Method" is toggled to "False." (Zone 1 says it's AK, HI).


When I do a "test" purchase, it does add in a $10 surcharge for either Alaska OR CANADA (which isn't listed as a Zone 1 in the first place, but I do want to add that surcharge for Canada as well, so that's OK. I just don't understand why.) In the "Locations/Taxes" configuration, it does list both Canada and United States as the two countries, with "Zones" for each Province and State.


First Question: Changing the $10 Handling Fee under Zone Rates does not change the fee in any test purchase. I keep trying a different number, but it always charges me $10 for shipping to either Alaska or Canada. Am I doing this in the wrong place? Why is there even a Handling Fee produced if the "Enable Zones Method" is toggled to "FALSE?"


Second Question: How do I set up different shipping rates to Canada or Alaska? Right now, we just add in the single handling fee to both, but I want to be able to set up separate rates for either Canada or Alaska, as the shipping costs to either are different.


Third (related) Question: Right now, we want to set up FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states for all orders over $50. How do I do that without giving free shipping to AK and Canada?


Thanks very much for helping me with this. It's all pretty new to me, and I'm not a programmer.





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It sounds like someone has done some custom coding to add the handling fee. To change that, you are probably going to have to make a new Table Rate module for the new zone, then modify it as needed. As an alternative, take a look at the Multi-Zone Multi-Table module in the Addons section. I don't remember if it does separate handling charges for each zone, so you'll have to look.


For free shipping, use the Freeamount shipping module. You'll need to set up a Zone for the lower 48 to assign it to.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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