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PayPal Express Module Issues


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I just installed the new version (new to me) of osCommerce. It is hosted and was installed by Siteground. I have used the older versions before and never had a problem with configuring the PayPal module and getting to work. Until now!


I got all my necessary API Credentials from PayPal and installed them as I have before. The PayPal button shows up in the Checkout page fine. I set up one test item for purchase to test the osCommerce Shopping Cart. When I click on the PayPal button nothing happens. It doesn't do anything or go anywhere.


I did use the test function of the PayPal module in the osCommerce and it says that the test was a Success. So, if it says Success why the heck isn't it working? Are their differences in the setup of the PayPal Module in the new version of osCommerce compared to the older version(s). Is there a page or link in here that shows all the proper settings for the new osCommerce PayPal module?


I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thank you and have a blessed day.


Bishop Jeffrey Kelly

Church Of Notre Dame

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PayPal express, if enabled and configured properly, will open a new tab (or use the parent tab) to connect to the PayPal server to complete the transaction. I can't think of any reason other than server configuration that would prevent it from functioning normally.





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Thanks for the response. I don't know for sure if it's configured properly other than when I clicked of the TEST button in the PayPal Module it said Success. So, I don't know if their is a problem or configuration issue on PayPal's end with the way my PayPal account itself is setup or configured.


Are their any links to any tutorials here to show you how to properly configure this new osCommerce PayPal Module and/or one for issues to look out for on PayPal's end...





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i also installed oscommerce 2.3 version through siteground.com hosting


everything is ok, paypal transaction worked, but in the paypal payment e-mail, there is no item name description


I properly setup all paypal API code


what's wrong with this


please help



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