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contact us mail problem


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2,3,1 version UTF-8 formatted.


order confirmations, create account mails goes perfect with non latin characters but in contact_us.php senders name does not support. also there is not any problem in message text. why this happens is it connected with strips command?

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ths is solved in http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/topic/310755-missing-letters-in-email-confirmation-subject/page__hl__email+utf8__fromsearch__1

$to = (($to_name != '') ? '"' . $to_name . '" <' . $to_addr . '>' : $to_addr);

$from = (($from_name != '') ? '"' . $from_name . '" <' . $from_addr . '>' : $from_addr);

must be added to classes/email.php


after i have found the solution for this subject, i have realized that we have been polluting forums. i think there must be default questions in posting new one. i have been using ths forum since 2004 and still can not find a subject easly. ths is important esp. foreigner users, our lang is not sufficient. also i could not write utf-8, email.php to forums. i think the moderator must assign a format for new posts. this can be small corner and someone replies the same subject with same osc version, mysql version etc. selected default.


osc version:

php version:

mysql version:

base problem: UTF-8 or smth

occurance of error:


for example what i missed to write error is occured in outlook express,

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