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question about define


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Hi there, for some time I have a question and I can't find it on the internet

Can someone explain me how the communication works between files like a languagefile with a define?


For example, I have the next files:







I think that I can edit the 'define' line in he orders.php under languages\dutch to my own taste. For example:

define('TABLE_HEADING_NUMERO_FACTURE', 'Invoice Number: ');


define('TABLE_HEADING_NUMERO_FACTURE', 'Factuurnummer: ');

But than my invoice still shows 'Invoice Number' in stead of 'Factuurnummer'. Also the 'Invoice Number' (I added this on the invoice with a osC contribution) is not in my normal font, but in Times New Roman.


Anyone can explain this to me? How does this work? Where do I need to make changes, or what file is missing or is not correspond or communicate with an other file? Please teach me!


Many thanks!!

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It's likely that TABLE_HEADING_NUMERO_FACTURE is not used anywhere on the page. Unless you got this from some Addon, all of the constants in osCommerce are in English. So if admin/invoice.php uses TABLE_HEADING_INVOICE_NUMBER then your define needs to define the same constant. How defines work.




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Do you have dutch set up in the languages section of your shop admin?


Have you configured the contents of dutch.php in /includes/configure/languages/?


Can your customers select the shop language on your web site?


What in the default language of the users PC?


All these impact the language file used to populate the web site.





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