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Unique Product Options Setup


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I've not been able to find any information relating to this sort of set-up. I'm not sure if it is possible to set up a store in this way, but here is what I am trying to do. (And if it's not possible or if there's a better way, please do let me know.)


My store has a variety of about 40 widgets of different categories. I can sort them out into the categorization system in osCommerce perfectly. However, for shipping, customers need to mix & match exactly six of these widgets (duplicates acceptable) into one box which is a flat cost ($60) no matter what's in it. Originally I had it so you just bought a box and there were six options, each where you could choose from the 40 types of widgets you wanted packed in the box. But that was really, really cumbersome to scroll through that long of a list and pick out what you needed. It would be far better to have something like... buying the box, then adding items (that don't have a price) to the box in your cart.


So basically: One product (a box of widgets) with 6 x 40 options. How should I set this up?


Thanks so much for any direction you can provide!

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