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The e-commerce.

Two sites sharing one store and admin


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I know this topic may have been discussed over the years, but I need two fairly similar sites on separate domains ,hosted on the same server, to share the same store / admin on OSC 2.3.1.


The contributions I’ve seen offer more than what I need or require complex changes, and I wonder if there is a quicker way to achieve this.


My site one should operate as normal with the products, categories, customers, admin and so on. My site two, on a separate hosting account but on the same hosting server, would have a different theme and logo (it’s just a subsidiary operation), but uses the exact products, categories, customer database etc of site one. All administration takes place on site one.


Customers on site two remain on site two domain/theme throughout the shopping experience with the cookies and cart data remaining there. Invoices, payment and order notifications for both sites can be from site one with site one's logo and other store info, so no necessary complications there. Finally, customers can equally login at both sites.


I installed site one as normal. When installing site two, I tried to point the database to the domain of site one (i.e ‘domain.com’ rather than ‘localhost’), with the same database, username and password info of site one, but I get ‘Error connecting to the database’ message.


Is site one refusing connections from another domain? Can that be resolved? And if so, what other issues will I be facing?


Thank you for any help.

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This is something you should ask your hosting about. Ie. how to get access to 1 db from 2 different domains.

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