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Help needed with adding products


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I am running OSC 2.3.1.


Here is the scenario:


I have a site that pulls products from a large database of 100K+ products through an iframe. I need the product chosen by the customer to populate in the shopping cart with the proper description.


So far:


I have accomplished the task of getting the product to Add to cart with an action call to a dummy product. Item 29 in my product list has only a title and price tag of $10 (which is not correct)


I need to modify the shopping_cart.php (i believe) to modify/override/change the product description and price through the query string. I have set up the iframe variables to match the OSC database variables but nothing is pushing through.


Here is the iframe contents from the site:




If you add to cart, you'll see the Coverking Item get placed into the cart but no variables.


Please help.

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Yes, we're out here. I suspect that you haven't gotten any suggestions because what you're asking for sounds like not a minor change to osC, but a complete repurposing and restructuring. If I understand you, your product database and search/display engines are on another site, and all you do is view it through an iframe, using osC only for the cart and checkout? One of the problems is that I believe that the cart is not a simple list of names and prices, but points back into the database (to stay "live"). Perhaps you could add products on the fly to your store's database, so that the cart thinks it's looking into the real database (when it's actually looking at a partial copy). You would have to make sure that the act of removing items from the cart purges them from the local database, and likewise for abandoned carts.


I wouldn't think it would be worth all that effort just to use a small part of osC. I presume that you're not interested in loading the entire foreign database into your store, using something like EasyPopulate. Frankly, I think it would be easier to "roll your own" cart and checkout (perhaps borrowing pieces from osC) than to try to bend osC into shape to do what you want. That's all I'm able to offer on the subject...

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Thank you very much for the response. I appreciate it.


The first reason I was hoping to use osc was the fact that I was looking to have my own universal products as well that would be able to get added to the cart with the 'iframe' products and with shipping/discounts/etc osc has always been my choice.


The second reason I came here is because I saw a site doing what I am looking to do and they are doing it with osc. (i had to read that over to make sure it was correct, haha)


I noticed by looking are their osc, they have a 'dummy' product with just a name and a price. When the iframe query string sends the variables thru it does not modify the name, only the description and price.


I also noticed that they had <i> in the beginning of their description.


I hope this clarifies the reason for approaching the forum regarding this matter.


I will take a peek at easy populate to see what I can do. Any further help would be greatly appreciated, as I can get the product called to the cart just cannot seem to get the desc and price to change.

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Greetings everyone. I'm revisiting this thread due to the fact that I am still unable to complete the task at hand. I would greatly appreciate some help being pointed in the right direction.


Regarding the above asked questions, I would like to provide a site that is currently accomplishing the tasks I am trying to do.


It seems to me that they have created a standard product in OsC with simple or no values. This product is then modified by the iframe and placed into the cart. I have gotten to the point where it adds the product to the cart but unfortunately i cannot get it to modify the description and price to what i need.


Here is a link to the site: http://www.carcoverexperts.com/coverking-custom-car-covers-p-579.html -- Scroll to the bottom to view the iframe and make some choices, add to cart. You will see the product description and price from the iframe imported. I tried it a few times and every time it is Product ID 579 that is added.


That being said, I know it is possible, just wondering if I need to make changes to some of the .php files, add certain code to a product or both.


Thanks in advance.

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It looks to be added as an "attribute" and not as a product description.

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