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CHECK OUT Question


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Standard Checkout, but once the customer clicks the button on the Payment Information page (Page 3 of 4), it adds them as an ORDER. Before they ever click the "Confirm Order" button , it adds them as an ORDER.


Please help me with this configuration.


The ORDER shouldn't be added until after the customer completes their Paypal payment.



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All the new PayPal modules works that way, it is to "insure" that you do not loose the order content info if the customer does not return back to your site after payment.


If you want it to only store an order after the payment has been done, you can find and use one of the old PayPal modules.

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That's crazy.


What about the people that aren't successful in their payment? They will still be listed as an ORDER?


Another problem is Auto-Responder integration. For example GetResponse works off ORDERS. So, if it adds a person as an ORDER even before they complete their payment, they will get added to the Auto-Responder Campaign even if they don't complete their order.

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Orders made by the "new" PayPal Standard module saves "pre" orders with a status of: Preparing [PayPal Standard]


So do not ship any order with the status: Preparing [PayPal Standard]


When payment has been confirmed the status will be updated to the shops "default" payment status. (Or the one you have set when configuring the PayPal module)


You can modify any scripts like "Auto-Responder" to not "act" on orders with the status of: Preparing [PayPal Standard]

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