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The e-commerce.

Text only pages on an OSC site


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Though I have been a member of this Forum for some time, it is literally years since I did any work at all on an OSC site. No call for it.


However, I am now helping out someone who has been running an e-commerce type site which in effect is an e-comm module added to a CMS publishing site. Both are rather clunky and neither work very well.


My question is this. I have just installed OSC 2.3.1 with the intention of creating an integrated site that combines both product listing and sales etc and some pages of text eg 'about us' and similar.


I am happy with what I have done so far on the basic template in configuring the site but I am unsure about the middle section of pages ( the 2 outer columns would remain the same) that bear only text and no other controls.


Do I simply create additional .php pages in public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english? How about an access menu apart from the small 'information' menu.


I have tried to search this Forum but i can't find a 'search' button.


Thanks for any help you can give




ps having written all that I decided to Google my Topic title to see what came up and, lo and behold, I came across 'Info boxes'!! However, is there any other advice forumites might like to give me?

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What i do to add new pages to oscommerce is to copy the conditions pages, both the ones in the root folder and the languages folders and rename then to what ever you want them to be. Near the top of the file in the root folder you will find


require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . FILENAME_CONDITIONS);

$breadcrumb->add(NAVBAR_TITLE, tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONDITIONS));


Change the CONDITIONS part to the name of your new file. UPload file to your server.


Open the languages file and alter the text to be whatever you want it to be, Upload to your server.


Open the includes/filenames file and copy the define for the conditions page altering the defice to the file name you have chosen.


Open the includes/languages/english.php file and copy and rename the defines for your new filename.


Open the includes/modules/boxes/bm_information file and add your new links copying on of the other link, but not using the bottom one, it is different.


If you want to create a new information box and call it something else you just copy and remane the parts required for the standard information box, then go to admin and install the new box.


Its not as hard as it sounds once you have done it once.


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