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Script Appearing on Order conmfirmation page


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Hi Can anyone please help me figure this out... I installed the gift wrap contribution for 2.3.1. this error has been posted on the support page for this module, however no one seems to be posting any replies. When I check the gift wrap option then the following appears on the order confirmation page rite at the top


array(19) { ["order_status"]=> string(1) "1"

["currency"]=> string(3) "ZAR"

["currency_value"]=> string(10) "1.00000000"

["payment_method"]=> string(16) "Cash on Delivery"

["cc_type"]=> string(0) ""

["cc_owner"]=> string(0) ""

["cc_number"]=> string(0) ""

["cc_expires"]=> string(0) ""

["shipping_method"]=> string(20) "Flat Rate (Best Way)"

["shipping_cost"]=> string(4) "5.00"

["giftwrap_method"]=> string(9) "Gift Wrap"

["giftwrap_cost"]=> string(4) "5.00"

["giftwrap_message"]=> NULL

["giftwrap_card"]=> NULL

["subtotal"]=> float(259.99)

["tax"]=> float(0)

["tax_groups"]=> array(1)

{ ["Unknown tax rate"]=> float(0) }

["comments"]=> string(0) ""

["total"]=> float


Can someone... anyone... who knows what all this means please point me in the right direction to get this sorted out....

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Hi Nic


Thanks for the reply. I have looked in every php file associated with the giftwrap module and all of the codes seem to be fine. I will have to recheck. Do you know which file in particular would have this code (order.php, checkoutconfirmation.php etc)... this would narrow it down for me as I am relatively php illeterate...

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is a debug mode turned on in the shopadmin?





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Hi all, Aqeeliz provided this solution to the nagging code problem on the order confirmation page... needless to say it works like a charm... All gratitude to him...



Just remove the


from catalog/checkout_confirmation.php and it will remove this code that is showing up.

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