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The e-commerce.

URGE Urgent ... to read the entire community!


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Hello I have written here in more than one occasion.


I belong to the oscommerce community in Spanish.


This message is for all oscommerce users, also for HARALD and MARK.


He and I understand that they are very busy, I see in your twitter MARK held in hundreds of projects and jobs, HARALD not know anything, but seeing this situation my question is ....


Follow OScommerce worth?? Where are you going? There are no clear signs?


From version 2.2 jump at 3, then to 2.3, now the 3.2 .... recently saw a post by Mark talking about a version 2.4 for a possible new version of PHP ....


Prestashop is devouring everything in the market that belonged to oscommerce, other solutions advancing by leaps and bounds, understand tomatocart, open cart .....


If funding is an issue I think it would be good to know because all we would be willing to work for a preview ... I read and reread user claims that you order in the forum, stating that version 3 is not finished, the Roadmap does not update EVER! and worse countdown.oscommerce.com ls NEVER report on web structure (part 2)


HARALD AND MARK is time to be honest with us, do not play with our hopes of seeing tomorrow a dream version, if they are not willing to take this project seriously .... Please indicate which is the remainder, so nobody stays here by false promises ...



Hopefully your answers


I appreciate your work up here a lot am grateful and defenor the main oscommerce in speaking, but I really want a correct answer.


If you're a lover of the code and you're here looking forward to a special announcement leave your comment below, to see that this is serious and for all!


Join us to get ahead OSCOMMERCE NOW

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Latest stable version is 2.31 (A 2.4 is said to be released a little bit later on, mostly to add PHP5.4 compatibility)


V3.02 is just a developer release and not a full stable production ready shop. No exact timeline is given when a stable version will be released, but a db import tool from 2.31/2.4 is promised released with the stable version.


So stick with 2.31 for now, do the small upgrades up to 2.4 when its released.


Then after V3 is released in a stable version you will be able to make a new V3 shop and simply import over your old 2.31/2.4 shops data.


NOTE: The developers should really mark V3.02 as "Beta" or some such on the downloads page to avoid confusion.

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Umm, I sort of agree with Franco.

My hosting company was recently under severe hacker attempts including Joomla and Wordpress sites


They actually threatened us to close all osCommerce sites and move on to more active supported eCommerce platform.

In total a bit more than 700 osCommerce sites were hacked in one day from their servers, I survived.

I phoned the owner of the company and basically asked for mercy.


Though with all the small updates here and there I'm still running ver 2.2.

Currently looking at Magento

After installing Magento, 1 day later I still could not get one product to show up, makes me wonder.


I am no PHP developer, but this community together made many things possible.

A call to all developers. osCommerce was a leader, what happened?


On one note, releasing a bare bone shopping cart is not quite working. Lot of editing to add a few functionality.

Why not make a bulked up osCommerce cart together with bare bone cart for download.

I'm sure more users will find this attractive to start of with including me happy.png


Thanks for listening to my 5 bob

Getting the Phoenix off the ground

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If a hosting company is still offering 2.2 then they are severely behind times. All new shops should be using 2.31.


For older shops using 2.2 , they should eighter upgrade it to 2.31, install a new 2.31 shop and import their info from the old db or at the very least do all necessary security upgrades and mods for 2.2 . ( How to secure your osCommerce 2.2 site. )


Currently looking at Magento

After installing Magento, 1 day later I still could not get one product to show up, makes me wonder.


Do not use Magento unless you have a dedicate server (or a high spec virtual server) hosting , it will run slow. You can ofcourse look at Magentos own "hire/hosted" cart service instead. (also if you have a limited budget and/or are a DIY type with limited coding skills then Magento is not for you)


If you are just using web hosting you can look at carts like Zen Cart, OpenCart and Presta Shop or ofcourse osCommerce 2.31.....

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Hi All..


We are hard at work and are aware of the lack of public announcements. We will improve our communication together with our next releases.


A lot of work is going into v3.0.3 as we are now focusing on user features (and the user interface). The CoreUpdate package for v3.0.3 is already 1MB in size and will test how CoreUpdate handles large updates.


Github commits will trickle out this week.


Kind regards,

:heart:, osCommerce

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