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The e-commerce.

Themeroller question


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I have read the thread about installing the Themeroller and it says this...


Copy the le-frog (or whatever yours is named) directory in its entirety into the catalog/ext/jquery/ui/ directory on your server. Copy the entire directory with all of its files and subdirectory structure intact.


This is my first time uploading files and I have looked but cannot find the catalog/ext/jquery/ui/ directory can anyone help me on locating this folder please?


Thankyou :-)

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i am not positive about this but if copy your theme to catalog/ext/jquery/ui.


you should be fine.




I know this, but I'm just not sure where to find the Catalog folder in my files.


I have an illustrated blog post about this on my blog, you can find it over my profile here.


Other option is to install themeswitcher in case you want to change your theme more often


I have already looked into themeswitcher and I will do that too...should I do that first before adding a theme or does it not matter what order I install them??

Thankyou for your link, it will be a big help to me as I am new to all of this. :-)

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Did you install your store into /catalog, or is it somewhere else (such as the site root / )? If it's in the root, you'd be looking for ext/jquery/ui/.


I didn't install oscommerce myself, I am using it through a website host...so I'm not sure. I may have to contact them instead.


EDIT....I found it in the place you said...ext/jquery/ui/....thankyou!!!

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Hi again


I did everything that was put in the instructions...but when I refresh my website, all of the coloured boxes on the layout have dissapeared, it's just a white page with text.....can anyone tell me what I have done wrong???



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