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Problem with creating a pdf with products_options_values


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My store creates a pdf download as the product. The pdf includes the customer's name and products options. Worked great with one product option, but now I have five product options. The pdf is now generating one page per product option. I need all product options together.


Please help.




require_once 'CreateVoucher.class.php';


$order_id = (int)$_GET['order_id'];


$exp_date = date("M d Y");

$control_number = $order_id;


$con = mysql_connect("75790230572340-5.db.75790230572340-5.not-here.com", "75790230572340-5", "not-this");

mysql_select_db("75790230572340-5", $con);


$query = "


O.billing_name as customers_name,



FROM orders O

INNER JOIN orders_products AS OP ON OP.orders_id = O.orders_id

INNER JOIN orders_products_attributes AS OPA ON OPA.orders_products_id = OP.orders_products_id


O.orders_id = " . $order_id;



$result = mysql_query($query);


$pdf = new CreateVoucher();


while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc ($result))


$name = $row['customers_name'];

$pkg = $row['products_name'];

$persons = substr($row['products_options_values'], 0, 100);


$pdf->addNewVoucher($pkg, $name, $persons, $control_number, $exp_date);






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Check the query. Right now it produces one row for each option


What you need are 2 queries

1 -> to get the products of the order

2 -> for each product to get it's options


PS I don't know why you don't use the osCommerce functions for the queries

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