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Customer approval Email


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I have HIDE PRICES plug in.


For customers to see prices they have to be approved. When approved, the program sends an Email telling them that they have been approved.


I have 2 problems.


1- The text has a couple of mistakes and I CAN'T find where the text is located.

The text is the following: Errors in RED


Taiwan Distributors


Your request to become a customer atTaiwan Distributors has been approved. As a registered customer you can log in into our shop, take a look at our products and place an order if you like.



For help with our services, you can contact: [email protected]


Note: In case you did not requested an account at our shop, please contact us atventas@xxxxxxxxxxxx.com


2- The other problem is that my SITE is in SPANISH and the approval email is in English.


Where do I look to correct the text, and why does it prints in English.

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The store name atTaiwan is how you entered it in the admin area under my store. The email address is also how you entered in admin.



As for the language definitions, check the contribution installation instructions to determine where the language files are located or which files were edited to insert that email text.






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Chris, Thanks for your responce.

As you can see the email prints correctly the FIRST time it is printed. The second time prints with the mistake so the code that generates the Email has an error.


And with respect to the contribution it DOES NOT HAS any language file, nor the cited text on ANY of the folders provided. The first thing I did was to look the contribution to see if it was there.


Do you know in which of the files I can find the Email text???

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Thanks anyway. I continued my search and found the TEXT AT: catalog/admin/includes/languages/spanish/members_mail.php


It prints in English because the Spanish folder had the message in English with an error on the code that produced the error on the Email.


Problem fixed.

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