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The e-commerce.

Should I go with OSC 2.3 or OSC 3.0?


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OK I have never really used OScommerce before.


The main thing that keeps me off of it is it wont let people place orders with out creating an account. Honestly when I get to the check out page on an OSC site 9 time out of 10 that force create an account for an impulse purchase makes me come to my senses and not buy at all.


The other thing that keeps me off it is the php?osCsid=c4cd366a04e5c7719baf8056399e4e8 structure to the URLs which creates a real problem when it comes to SEO and proper tracking of conversions by Google Analytics.


Now I see a lot of addons, and I do like the open nature.


I have been using MIVA which is not exactly cheep and anything but open and a pain in the you know what to do things that would take 5 min if I could just get in and fully mess with the code instead of being limited by OPENUI or CSSUI, and having to buy endless addons.


Given that all Miva stores are going to need to upgrade, and it looks like OSC has matured somewhat honest question. Set the OPEN SOURCE aside for a sec and honest question will OSC let me build as diverse a store as I could with MIVA as quickly? I am a big fan of OPEN SOURCE but at the need of the day what is best for my biz takes priority.


Assuming it now will let all these issues be fixed my guess it I will need to do so by way of addons. So should I go with ver 2.3 or 3.0? noticing alot of the addons say 2.2 so should I go with 2.3 is 3.0 to new? Or will they all work with 3.0?


The thinks I need to change right off the bat for how OSC works is:


Static style links (/item-title.html and /cad-name.html no id= in or log string URL in the URL you can do this with an addon an a rewrite rule in miva can you over here?)

integrate Google Analytics so the eCommerce metrics work

control of the title and metrics and if need be other head info for every page (basicaly need to be able to mess with the head tag for the pages dont want to be in a boxing match to add stuff like JS, SEO, and so on)

and fix it so people can order without needing to create an account


I will also need to completely retheme the UI so is the support in the forms good enough for OK where the heck is this?


Need to make a derision in the next month or so to either start upgrading to MIVA 5 or switch to OSC. Either way will be a mess,


If OSC fits the bill and I can expect to get help here with making this conversion for the sites will save us alot of money, but if it will fall short of what we need will just cost us more to switch back.


Sorry if I am breaking some one topic only rule, but my question is a bit involved and want to include all the info for obvious reasons.

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No one can say it enough. 2.3.1 is the current release version and works great. 3.0 is core code for an un-released version as of 10/25/11


Basically 3.0 isn't a version that should used by anybody but developers/

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As Don mentioned, do not use 3.0 its just a developer framework release.


The latest stable version is 2.31


As to your other questions, oscommerce can be modified to do almost anything so its more or less up to you how you want your shop to work.


Pre-made add-ons are available for most of the things you have mentioned, click the relevant seo links in my signature for more info, but some functions might also require some custom coding.


The oscid is a non-issue....you can set the cart to "prevent spider sessions" , ie. spiders/bots will not get the oscid or if you dont want anyone to see them ever then just set "Force cookies" to true.

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Ok it is looking like we can get there from here, but my guess is I will get stuck alot along the way. Just looking at the HTML it puts out I can tell I am going to need to rewrite just about every page to put things in the right order and make the skeleton structure one that works well for pure CSS.


If I may ask why is the HTML structure so out of date? is the UI just a real low priority?

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I don't think you need to rewrite every page.


Even not perfect that html structure that is now, is good enough to allow you to create a completely different design, changing not more than 6-7 files

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