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Issues with front page


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I have created a site using a customized template and everything working great except the main body of the front page!


I have noticed that the modules>boxes panel shows "popular products" box (aka best sellers module) as listed with content placement =content block.


This basically shows the best sellers on the front page, which i suppose would be fine for some people.


However, i have populated the database to test this and the problem lies in that the module requires 24 products to display properly... Whereas my entire shop only has 8 goods!


This means the the page looks blank until my items are eventually displayed... Albeit briefly.


I have logged this with the designers but they claim it only works with min 24 items, which is ridiculous.


Can i change the front page to display ALL ITEMS?


What box would i use, and how do i switch placement to "Content block" instead of just left/right?




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Can you say what version of osCommerce you use?


Most possible however is, that in file index.php, close to the end of the file, there is a "module", an other file, being included, you will see the filename there


This is the file that need to be modified, it will be possibly in folder includes/modules but who knows


All in all it's hard to say like this, if you have no experience your self, and if that template makers are that genious and helpful as they sound, then you will need to hire somebody else to fix this

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The front page shows best sellers box under the header. What i need is to display ALL PRODUCTS which is the norm... Isn't it?


It is version 2.3.1 and working well other than this issue.


It is not live so no 'best sellers' and even then, only a total of 8 products.


Any help would be much obliged. I assumed all i'd need to do is modules>boxes and place 'latest products' in content block, but it will only allow me to put lateat products at left or right ?



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What if you have 8,000 products rather than 8? You certainly don't want to display ALL. That said, I'm sure that someone could fix the template code to work with fewer than 24 products. 24 is just an arbitrary number -- say, a 6 x 4 grid at a certain size. To display an arbitrary number of products from 1 to 23 would mean changing the item size, and picking a good grid layout for any number. Some numbers of products will require "padding" the grid with blank box(es) or some other kind of "filler". The template supplier knows the code best, but any competent PHP programmer could do it for you.

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It is not necessary to move the new products box


All you need to do is, to include the new products module in index.php, n the same way it is done in default osCommerce, instead of whatever is getting included now




Also make sure that file includes/modules/new_products.php is still in place, if not you can take it from the default osCommerce package

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