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I have a question that might be simple.


I have a site on V2.2 CR2. I use ONLY Spanish language. When I am in the admin section all categories display on the ENGLISH language. If I do not enter a category name on the English section, or I do NOT enter a name on the English section, it DISPLAYS BLANK.


Spanish is the DEFAULT LANGUAGE.


I DO NOT know if I can DELETE ENGLISH language to start seeing the CATEGORIES and NAMES in SPANISH.


Since I don’t know the CONSEQUENCES of deleting English language from the LANGUAGES section in the admin I have not done it.


Can someone give me an orientation or guidance on this matter????

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The admin language has to be selected from the dropdown menu when you first login. It doesn't take it from the default language. But it is safe to delete a language you don't use. in fact, you should since it can cause problems if you don't. You jest need to be sure to delete it from the admin->Localization->Languages section and delete all files in both languages directories that have to do with it. And you will need to watch when installing contributions since most, if not all, come setup to work with English so they will add files back in that you don't want. But that is the same as it is now.

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