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The e-commerce.

menu help please!


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Hi guys im new to this so please put it into TOTAL IDIOT TERMINOLOGY PLEASE!!!


right i have been helping a friend sort out his website and its selling bodybuilding supplements, there are different catagories in the supplements and there is also a BRANDS catagory now when i go to the products through BRANDS on the left it has a menu saying where i have previously been BRANDS - NAME OF BRAND - PRODUCTS but when I click on SOME of the products (even some in the same brand) the menu down the side changes and goes through the other option SUPPLEMENTS - TYPE OF SUPPLEMENT - PRODUCT now i have spoke to the person who created the site and she said that this isnt a problem but to me it is as some of the products in 1 brand do this and the other products dont this. If they all did or didnt it wouldnt bother me so how do I stop this from happening please?? where have i gone wrong??



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