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Button nightmare in 2.3.1


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Modifying the buttons in 2.3.1 is a solid pain in the ass.


Can we please move to simple css nomenctature for buttons so the css code for each major button used on the site is self contained?


For example the Buy Now button.


Call the class for it:

BuyNowButton {



And everything determining the styling of that button is there in that ONE class.

It would also allow for much easier variations.


The classes on a buy now button are:

ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-text-icon-primary ui-priority-secondary


just silly.


I have been trying for 20 minutes to change the font color on the buy now button and all I have managed to do is screw up my other buttons *_*

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I think that's a very bad idea, a separate set of rules for each button, most of the time repeating the same styles and each button x 3 times (for default, hover and active), more than 100 classes.... That would be the real nightmare


You can target any button you like on any page you want and add additional rules wherever needed on top of the existing general rules. You don't need to modify anything in the existing css files, just add your specific rule to the bottom of stylesheet.css. Thats why it's called cascading.


For example, here is a post about how to target and modify the "add to cart" button on the product information page

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