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The e-commerce.

Is this possible?


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Hello. I had no idea what to call the Topic, sorry for that, and I am also really sorry for my terrible english.


I have just made an webstore with osCommerce. I am just going to sell softwares (just downloads), and I do not own all of the softwares on the webpage. Let me explain.

I have a deal with some people, that they can sell their software on my webpage. Let's say the software cost $10 . When the user buy the software, the manufacturer get 95% of the money, and I get 5%.

Is it possible to do it automatically?

Or else I get all of the money, and then I need to pay all the manufacturer money, and that can take a lot of times. So it is possible to do this automatically, if you understand what I mean.


When a user buy one thing, 95% of the money goes to the PayPal user [email protected] , and rest of the money goes to my account, [email protected]


I really hope it's possible with some plugins or something, and I really hope someone here will help me! :)




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I don't know of any current payment method that would do this automatically. You may be able to custom code a payment method to take a commission but you would then need to sent the commission amount to another account. In my opinion, it would be best if 100% was paid to you and then you pay the owner(s) on a scheduled bases what is owed to them.





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