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OSC installed on different server - domain masking tool


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I have created a domain masking tool that works as follows:


Lets assume you have a server ($30+) a year:


Now lets say you have 1 or 100 clients all wanting OSC shops.


all these clients have bought domain names (maybe through you (making some extra $$)) but you dont want to spend out $$ for hosting for each new site -




Solution - a masking tool that is can be set in Admin - SEE IMAGE ATTACHED.



Now, either leave blank for normal operation or if the above is carried out simply add your domain name http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com -


A few simple edits in your email template follwing this rule:



if (STORE_MASK_SITE > '') { xxxxxx;} else {xxxxxxx;}


This can be applied to many aspect in the site but for the main purpose of emails.


Now all your emails look official and URL links dont indicate that the info is on a different server...



Really simple install, just run this sql -


NOTE: you dont overright any other configs in the list (change 300 to whatever else if it exists)


INSERT INTO `configuration` VALUES(300, 'Mask Site', 'STORE_MASK_SITE', '', 'If your store is located on a different web server and you wish to mask the domain name, enter your domain name (http://www.YOURDOMAIN.com)', 1, 3, '2011-10-20 04:10:41', '2011-10-20 04:00:41', NULL, NULL);

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