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Why isn't it adding the product weight?


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Hello again all,


I have a seemingly simple problem with my OSCommerce website, it first being noticed when I installed this contrib:




I noticed, that when the customer reached checkout_shipping it would show a "Delivery Weight" with 0kgs.


(Package Tare Weight is set at 0, Max Size set at 50 and Percentage Increase for Larger is also set at 0 on the admin side.)


All of the products that are sold on our website are approximately 10 grams each, therefore in the database this weight is written as 0.01.


I did a fresh install of OSCommerce yesterday, and noticed the same weight problem was happening with "Table Rate" yet it was able to calculate against rising price of product perfectly. (Only started using Table Rate yesterday).


I've tried changing the weights of products to 1kg, 2kg etc but to no avail - it is not adding on the product weight at all.


Any ideas on what could be going wrong? (I've checked the contrib and the standard "Table Rate" values, both fine.)





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Anyone? I've inputted this as the Table Rate weights with the costs I'd like to charge - just to test: 1:4.75,2:4.85,3:3.70


All products are 0.1, so in theory, after 10 products (1kg) the price should go up by 10. But it doesn't, it remains on the lowest postage (i.e. 4.75)


Surely someone else has had this problem? It's doing my head in and any help greatly received.

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